Lighting up train stations + Free Wallpaper of the month

Hi Folks,

Art is a funny thing. Sometimes you choose a subject matter carefully according to a desired plan and anticipate the results. Yet at other times you don’t have a fully formed idea in your head and instead you let feelings take over. Through time slowly but surely a pattern emerges from your work which can be surprising.

Using the harsh November sunlight to show a different aspect of Belgian train stations comes under the latter.  Not that I find Belgian train stations particularly interesting but having travelled by train a lot in the last days while visiting families and friends, I just happened to spend time in these places and tried to use whenever possible the morning or late afternoon sun to depict something new.

So here is a small series of pictures from this trip. I have my favourites… let me know what are yours.

Liege 1
Liege 2
Tamines 1
Tamines 2
Tamines 3

Also, as it’s the time of the month again : the free wallpaper of the month!

You will find the wallpaper below; a street scene in a food market in Nairobi. I really like the atmosphere in this picture and it took me a few trials to get this right. To put some background on this scene, I asked the woman in the middle of the frame if I could take a picture of her knowing well that I wanted a silhouette. She didn’t understand and was posing a lot during the shoot. Also there were 2 guys playing pool right next to me so I had to stop their game which they were kind enough to do. After a few minutes of trial & error I managed to get something I was pleased with and I find it works well as a wallpaper since there are many dark areas surrounding the picture making it easier to find files and folders sitting on your desktop. Enjoy!

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That’s all folks. Keep you posted.

3 thoughts on “Lighting up train stations + Free Wallpaper of the month

  1. Fantastisch light

  2. Thanks for your comments. Much appreciated!

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