The arrival of Spring – conceptual pictures

Hi Folks,

With the passing of the Vernal Equinox on the 20th of March, the weather here in England has gone from good to great!

Spring is an auspicious time as it allows me to run outdoors more often finally chasing off the lethargy of winter. In this short personal series I wanted to convey three ideas; joy, the arrival of the spring and being outdoors. It’s conceptual and uses artificial colours which goes against what I normally do but being creative is as healthy for the mind as jogging is for the body.

Here’s a few shots from the series. Hope this will inspire you to go out there and enjoy the sun wherever you are.

Let me know what you think. See you on the next post.


6 thoughts on “The arrival of Spring – conceptual pictures

  1. nice series! simple but impressive.

  2. Nice stuff! There’s a lot of energy there, esp. in the last photo.

  3. Thanks Sabine and bwbears for your comments. Just try it for yourself, it’s fun.

    All you need to do is set your camera on a tripod, put the aperture to it’s smallest opening (16,..) and make sure that when you stand between the camera and the sun, the edge of your shadow hits the camera. Then post process the pictures by pushing the darks and contrasts and toggle with the colours. Et voila!

  4. Very cool use of light. And the prickly look of the trees gives a real sense of being between seasons–coming back to life after a long winter. Nice!

  5. Thanks Fred and TruthandCake. Good to know I managed to convey the impression I wanted.

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