Free Wallpaper of the Month – Berlin

Hi Folks,

I just came back from Berlin and have a nice wallpaper to offer of the Reichtag dome. Built by the English architect Norman Foster, the dome brilliantly manages to convey the openess of the modern German democracy.

Needless to say, Berlin is as exciting as ever and a great place to visit for any one interested in visual arts.

As usual, just rightclick to download the image. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Free Wallpaper of the Month – Berlin

  1. Am happy to read that you enjoyed Berlin, a city which I like to go for work each year (several days including some visits for fun).
    One place you would love is Dresden, totally rebuilt with taste despite having been completely destroyed by British and US bombs at the end of WWII (in February 1945). An amazing place full of symbols of Europe’s reconstruction after the war. The Frauenkirche is a must-see monument as well as Zwinger and the Procession of Princes!
    Hope all is well on your side.
    I love the pics.
    — Bertrand

  2. Thank you Bertrand. I will definitely be interested in visiting Dresden one day. Germany has so much to offer I am always thrilled to visit the country. Let’s keep in touch.

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