Creating a buzz

Event photography is often fun to do. Not only do you have the challenge of taking pictures in difficult situations (unknown venue, crowded spaces, etc…) but you also get energized by excited guests eager to meet interesting people or new products. Last month was no exception as I was the official photographer for an event by the carmaker Infiniti as part of the launch of their new car, the QX50. I’ll be honest, I’m not really a car person but I liked this event as Infiniti worked hard to make the QX50 an attractive car that is environment-friendly thus making it a viable option for those seeking low carbon footprint.

Even better, Infiniti invited a Hong Kong Fine Art Photographer, Tugo Chung, to expose his pictures and talk about them. Sharing the evening with such a distinguished counterpart was very humbling. It also helps that he is a nice person as well. Here are some of the shots I did for the event.



Tomorrow, I will be the official photographer for another exciting event in Hong Kong titled ‘Actionable Thoughts’ presenting sustainable solutions for the Belt and Road initiative led by China. High profile VIPs will be present and I am not unhappy to see my logo nestled amongst the partners supporting this event.

Key visual 20181008

Hopefully, I will be able to share with you some nice images of the event and more insight into this important topic.

So watch this space!

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