Portraits in the park

Time truly flies when you’re busy and I haven’t realised that my last post was more than a few weeks ago. Mea Culpa.

I’m currently working on many projects at the same time which take up a lot of my bandwidth. From starting to write my second book on planetary science for Springer Publishing, setting up playgroups in Hong Kong, looking for a new flat and other things that life throws at me, I nevertheless did manage to do some good portraits in the park in the last few weeks which I would like to share with you.

I’ll be honest, we have been blessed with beautiful weather here for outdoor photography, especially when diffuse cloud cover provide day after day the ideal Softbox. Therefore, I haven’t used my lighting equipment during any of these photo shoots. Just gorgeous natural light.

Of course, one of the most important aspect of taking any portrait is building a genuine relationship with my subjects and I have spent time to get to know them and gain their trust. Hopefully you will be able to see this from the pictures below. The setting is pretty much the same, in the lawn of Victoria Park looking over Tin Hau, and that is because it is the best setting for the time of day I have been taking these shots (4-5 pm) where the sun is directly in my back but covered with light cloud layers and the cityscape blends well in the background.

I’m planning to bring some variety in these portraits by changing the point of view as the sun will change position in the sky in the coming months. So watch this space for new portraits in the coming months.



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