Yoga with Constance

With her calm and cheerful personality, Constance is as an experienced Yoga teacher that relaxes you just by being there. She needed some portrait shots for her online profile and we got in touch.

We initially wanted to outdoor shots as Constance does most of her classes in the parks but the weather decided otherwise. It turned out that the indoor venue we found had a very oriental look to it so we decided to do the poses with this in mind even though the initial lighting situation was not ideal in the venue (which required a lighting installation).

We still had lots of fun during the shoot and came out with lots of good pics. Here are some of the ones I like.

You can find her on FB : yogaconstantly


Yoga with C and W - final-3Yoga with C and W - final-4Yoga with C and W - final-6Yoga with C and W - final-7Yoga with C and W - final-8Yoga with C and W - final-10Yoga with C and W - final-12Yoga with C and W - final-13Yoga with C and W - final-15

1 thought on “Yoga with Constance

  1. Content d’avoir de tes nouvelles par tes photos. Continue ce bon travail. Camille

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